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Glad to hear that taking selfies can now be considered a sign of a latent, or otherwise mental disorder (Narcissism, et al?) I’ve pretty much known that for years. :P

Fallout: Journals of the Overseer I

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Thursday, 20th October 2072
Elk Grove, Chicago, Illinois USA
11:15 AM Local Time

My name is James Masterson, I’m 29 years old, and have been appointed by Vault-Tec as the administrator of Vault 31, part of their Societal Preservation Program. This is my diary.

Today marks my first day as overseer, and I’m just travelled to the vault for the ‘keys’ to the place, and to receive my sealed orders – which I shouldn’t be discussing in my diary.

The vault is large, with 5 floors, covering a area the size of 2 baseball stadiums stacked on top of each other. The vault has enough room for 1200 people, or more if hot-bunking is enabled.

Our contractors began work on this vault in April of 2067 (after a 2 year delay) and only ‘just’ finished, partly due to riots about the location of the vault compared to the size of the town.

I will be stationed here for 66 years, according to my dossier, but with my back problems (which Vault-Tec are aware of) I can choose a second, or a replacement without the usual bureaucratic garbage.

Our technicians have informed me that the vault is fitted with a ZAX AI control system, version 1.0, with a Think Machine 2801x as a reserve.

The vault has 3 independent power supplies, A Rok-Solid Brand Geo-Thermal generator, A Steam Whistle Geo-Thermal generator, as well as a General Atomics Nuclear Power reactor system. However, I’m not certain why they’ve fitted the Steam Whistle, as it has proven to be unreliable under load.

Curiously, I’ve noted that the vault has come with extra defensive weaponry and protective gear of all types. Just what do they expect to happen?


AC 2015, Best wishes

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I hope everyone had fun at Anthrocon 2015, and got (or gets, if not home yet) home safely. #anthrocon #anthrocon2015

I hope that I’m able to join you at a future one some day :)

– Nightwolf

Movie mini-reviews

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Wow, it has definitely been a while. This time I thought that I would post my thoughts on some recent movie releases:

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Mostly good all round, I thought, but I preferred Ultron from the comics. I felt it was somewhat bland compared. 7/10


Despite being panned by the critics, and the trailer not really getting across what the movie was about, It was quite good. I enjoyed myself, and if I enjoyed myself, it’s not money wasted. 7/10

Mad Max: Fury Road

I thought Mad Max was good, however I didn’t believe that it was as good as any of the previous Mad Max movies, well, with the possible exception of Beyond Thunderdome. 7/10

More random thoughts

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Wow, It has certainly been a while since my last entry…

Anyway, I’ve been tempted (well, been tempted several times, over the last few years) to make a not-for-profit Furry/Brony/etc-public media relations group, with the aim of improving the public perception of Furries and Bronies through charitable deeds and mature discussion, and with a side-aim of developing a (sort of) code of conduct (mostly common sense) when behind the lens, or dealing with the media, in any way, shape or form.

I’ve even toyed with what to call it, and because it can span multiple fandoms, probably the best name is the “Improved Fandom Perceptions Working Group”.

However, at the current time, I don’t have the time to devote to a task such as this.

– NW

Reasons why I might block people on Social Media

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Because I was asked about these reasons, I thought I might make a post about this very thing. Because, seriously, if I block someone from accessing my account on any social media network, it’s always for a reason.

Here they are, in a nice list:

  • If you’re a dick to me or the people who I care about (especially when they’re going through an emotional upheaval)
    • Examples may include;
      • Showing a lack of respect towards
      • Talking behind the back of myself or those I care about (and I find out)
      • Rudeness
      • Group related conspiracies
  • If you perform criminal acts on those I care about
    • Examples may include;
      • Stealing from
      • Phishing
      • Hacking
      • Assault (Normal, or sexual)
  • Spamming my feed with comments or services that aren’t relevant to the topic.
    • Examples may include;
      • Those cialis and viagra ads
      • Fake job ads
      • Nigerian/other country prince scams
      • MMO Gold sellers

List may be updated later.

– NW

Random thoughts and musings

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It’s been a LONG time since my last, actual serious random thought post, but tonight, seeing as I can’t sleep, I thought that I might put down some of the stuff that’s been going through there.

My 2014 was a mixed bag, of both fun and bad times, I got severely reduced hours at work, and I’ve been getting some rather unusual digestive issues. Since then I’ve been trying my hardest to get a new job, but there doesn’t seem to be many genuine companies doing the hiring, and those that are have unrealistically high expectations…

I shouldn’t let myself get discouraged, but that is the sad truth of it all.

Some time this year, I want to do an Events certificate, probably a Cert III, followed by a cert IV, at a TAFE, probably Central, and then the diploma in events management. I WILL do it. I don’t need it, but it’s just to help me better help run certain events…

In other news, I am engaged to the love of my life, who keeps me happy :) <3

– NW

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