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Text Adventure progress 2

I’ve ported my Text Adventure game over to the Inform Interactive Fiction platform, not much else to report. This was done as I find it much easier than re-learning C++ and Csharp.

The game will feature animal transformations, But dingo is the only one I am working on at this stage, as I need to rewrite the TF engine.

I can code items and npcs much easier in this engine, but I am not revealing too much more at this point in time.


A new addiction

I seem to be addicted to this Android game called ‘Ingress’ ( and have found myself unable to drag myself away from it…

For those interested in the game, see the above link. There’s supposedly an iOS version, but I haven’t tested or tried it out.

At least it gets me out and about though xD

March event/game/movie roundup.

Here’s yet another one of my purchase list blog posts, as we come to the end of march 2014… Been a fair while since I last posted anything to this blog.

Futurama: Season 1 to 7
The Simpsons: Season 17 to 24
Angel: Season 2
Buffy: Season 1 to 7

Some of these videos were difficult to locate.

Final Fantasy XIV (pc)
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (ps3)
Tales of Symphonia HD (ps3)
Final Fantasy X HD (ps3)

I still need to finish Final Fantasy XIII… I seem to buy more games than I actually finish :/ I get bored very easy these days and have no idea why.

In other news, work gas picked up again, and I have been in this job now for just about 5 years. Would like a change, but there aren’t any suitable jobs to switch to in my area, and I can’t drive due to my back problems.

I’ll be helping out with more furry events this year in an attempt to get back into the community after being a tad reclusive.


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Video and Game Purchases: December 2013

Here’s another one of my purchase list blog posts, as we come to the end of 2013, and what a terrible year it has been. Will talk about it in another post.
Guilty Crown
Eureka Seven
The Day of the Doctor
Monsters University
Fallout new Vegas (ps3)
Skyrim (ps3)
Final Fantasy X HD (ps3) [preorder]
The Sims 3: University Life (pc)
The Sims 4 (pc) [preorder]

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Supanova 2013 (Perth) and other things

Time for another blog post, this time about my recent trip to Supanova 2013, on Saturday 29th June.

Like any other day, it started in the Dingo’s den, from there the short trip to Claremont began. Once at Claremont I paid for my ticket ($30 from memory) and entered. The place was packed, and the first thing that I did was look for a place that was selling Doctor Who books, and/or Doctor who related merchandise, which was hard considering all the people who were around. After scoping that out, I went and bought some more anime, from the Madman stall, one of which I had been meaning to buy for a long time.

Also bought a pair of fox ears and a scarf resembling the one worn by Tom Baker during his run as the doctor.

Spotted a few friends and hung out for a bit, before returning into the crowd.

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Games and Video Purchases [June 2013]

Okay, and now for another one of these, Anyway I now have Dust: An Elysian Tale in my collection and half of the Harry Potter movies on DVD in my collection. I also now have a copy of the first season of the anime Ah! My Goddess, which I have been chasing since 2006 xD

While no other games were bought, the following expansions to an existing one were:

Other DVDs include:

Thats pretty much it for the moment xP

Games and Video Purchases

Okay, so I now have 2 more games and 6 more DVDs in my collection. Including Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and the latest one. On the DVD front I now have all the scary movies, and the second volume of the anime “A certain Magical Index”. I also have all the Lord of the Rings movies, including the first part of ‘The Hobbit’ on Blu Ray.

Thats pretty much it for the moment xP

A long and winding road

Hello folks, Thanks to my readers and everyone who has stood by me and helped me get through my recent breakup. Needless to say, I’m back on wordpress now, and will continue churning out posts! It’s been a long and winding road in recent months, full of twists and turns, more than the average novel. But yeah, back and now on with the post!

But anyway, work’s been going well, I’ve been throwing myself into it so hard I’m bouncing off the walls, And I’ve found someone who better appreciates me, someone who loves me more than Lynx Softpaw ever seems to have loved me. He’s gone through similar stuff, and he’s helped me so much, among other people closer to home in the local community.

I’ve come back from a holiday to the old whaling town of Albany, in Western Australia. It’s a lovelly place, with alot of history. I want to go back, as 3 days was nowhere near enough.

I’ve been doing some video game live streaming and puppet show streaming, though nothing too great at this point, still getting the hang of the new equipment.

While games were disinteresting to me a few months back, I’ve been playing Minecraft and Star Trek Online alot lately, moreso than anything else. Really looking forward to the Romulan expansion. I’ve been trying to get into the Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn closed beta as well, but that’s proving to be less than great. Support is minimal and the code I was given DOES NOT work.

Bought myself a bunch of new clothes, and a new Nintendo 3DS XL and put 3 games on preorder: Pokemon X, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Tales of Xilia Collectors Edition 😀 (Pokemon games have always been favourites of mine, since I was but a young pup)

I was originally going to leave the furry community, which would have been the third time that I have considered doing so, but I haven’t and I won’t. There are still good people in this community, some of which I value as friends.

– Nightwolf

Games I have on my ‘must buy’ list for 2012-2013

While I don’t play much in the way of games lately, I thought I’d make a ‘games I must buy/am looking forward to’ post for the coming year.
This is a post that will be updated as many times as necessary over the course of the financial year, but currently at the top of my list is:

That is by no means a complete list, and that’s actually slightly more than the list I made last year, but can’t remember if I actually posted.

As per my usual method, I’ll only buy these games on sale at EB Games or other retailer, or on eBay. Cash strapped australian here.

– Nightwolf

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