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Doctor Who

My Doctor Who episode ratings (Season 8)

Welcome to my ratings post for Doctor Who Season 8 (2014) Information will be updated as the season continues.


  • Deep Breath* (7/10)
  • Into the Dalek (8/10)
  • Robot of Sherwood (7/10)
  • Listen (8/10)
  • Time Heist (8/10)
  • The Caretaker (7.5/10)
  • Kill the Moon (8/10)
  • Mummy on the Orient Express (9/10)

To come:

  • Flatline
  • In the Forest of the Night
  • Dark Water
  • Death in Heaven
  • 2014 Christmas Special


* I saw both the cinema and TV releases, the rating here is for the TV release, the cinema gets a 8.


A Dingoes thoughts, September edition

I was intending to post a blog entry last month, but personal situations prevented me from doing so. Now that I can I will do another one of my thought posts, from the inside of my head…

Video gaming

Very recently, I acquired a Playstation Vita, and a whole host of games, including Borderlands, the Persona series and the Danganronpa series… In addition to that I have managed to get my paws on The Sims 4 (If you wish to add me on EA’s awful Origin client, or on PSN: DingoWolfAU/dingowolfau is the person to add)

Please note that I will review Sims 4 momentarily in a separate blog post, once I feel up to the task of writing again (which isn’t right now)

TV and movies

Doctor Who and my 2 favourite anime’s have started up again with new series’, so I am watching them with great interest, especially to see how they progress. Loving Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, he brings a certain maturity to Doctor Who, that it has lacked for a while, well, in my opinion, since David Tennant took up the role.

I got to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema last month, and let me tell you it was amazing, funny and quite decent Sci-Fi. I liked Rocket, but that had nothing to do with being interested in Furry, Werewolves and anthros in general.

Life in general

Recently, my back problems have gotten worse to the point where I am in near-constant levels of pain (at 7/10) where they were previously only a 5 and ignorable for the most part, caused by a work injury and other factors. I am waiting for the results of an x-ray to determine, what, if anything further needs to be done.

I have decided to go on a diet and cut down on sugar, I will only drink water at lunches and at dinners (unless they’re special occasions)

– Nightwolf

Movies and Other Things

Lately I haven’t had the time to edit my blog, what with numerous projects being undertaken, so apologies to my readers.

I’ve been seeing a few movies lately, including a recommendation from 7 years ago to see the movie Orgazmo – which was a crazy movie and quite funny, well a bit.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see all three of the Mad Max movies, though I preferred the last two, which felt more post-apocalyptic than the original movie.

Other movies and TV series I have watched are: Going Postal, Terra Nova (Could have been better) and classic Doctor Who (With my favourite doctor being Tom Baker and his odd scarves).

Oh, And my phone’s back from repair, though I’d much rather keep my replacement phone, as the keyboard is better and easier to use.

The game is coming along nicely as well, I can’t really disclose anything at this time though, as I would prefer the game to be in a more complete state.

– Nightwolf

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