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A new addiction

I seem to be addicted to this Android game called ‘Ingress’ ( and have found myself unable to drag myself away from it…

For those interested in the game, see the above link. There’s supposedly an iOS version, but I haven’t tested or tried it out.

At least it gets me out and about though xD


Supanova 2013 (Perth) and other things

Time for another blog post, this time about my recent trip to Supanova 2013, on Saturday 29th June.

Like any other day, it started in the Dingo’s den, from there the short trip to Claremont began. Once at Claremont I paid for my ticket ($30 from memory) and entered. The place was packed, and the first thing that I did was look for a place that was selling Doctor Who books, and/or Doctor who related merchandise, which was hard considering all the people who were around. After scoping that out, I went and bought some more anime, from the Madman stall, one of which I had been meaning to buy for a long time.

Also bought a pair of fox ears and a scarf resembling the one worn by Tom Baker during his run as the doctor.

Spotted a few friends and hung out for a bit, before returning into the crowd.

Posted from WordPress for Andy Dingo Wolfox’s food bowl.

Games and Video Purchases [June 2013]

Okay, and now for another one of these, Anyway I now have Dust: An Elysian Tale in my collection and half of the Harry Potter movies on DVD in my collection. I also now have a copy of the first season of the anime Ah! My Goddess, which I have been chasing since 2006 xD

While no other games were bought, the following expansions to an existing one were:

Other DVDs include:

Thats pretty much it for the moment xP

Games and Video Purchases

Okay, so I now have 2 more games and 6 more DVDs in my collection. Including Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, and the latest one. On the DVD front I now have all the scary movies, and the second volume of the anime “A certain Magical Index”. I also have all the Lord of the Rings movies, including the first part of ‘The Hobbit’ on Blu Ray.

Thats pretty much it for the moment xP

I’ve quit all MMO Gaming

This is an open message to everyone associated with an MMO,including those who want to steal my MMO account information; that have any of my email addresses in their databases.

Please, for god sake, please stop sending me messages to those addresses. I will just block you and delete them.

I’ve quit MMO gaming for good. It’s too much of a time sink, and i just have no time. Actually, I quit almost a year ago.

– Nightwolf

Latest games

Just bought Max Payne 3, i`ve been hearing good things about it. Plus it was on special at EB Games near my work for $68. Also bought Fallout 3 for PS3 while I was there, as my PC disk has a few too many scratches for me to be comfortable with.

Other games I’ve bought recently include bioshock 2, littlebigplanet 2, battlefield Bad Company 2 and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

I want to play my copy of Max Payne 3 with a certain special someone who I often play video games with 🙂

At this stage i won’t post my full thoughts on any of the games yet. But Max Payne is looking good.

– Nightwolf

Movies and Other Things

Lately I haven’t had the time to edit my blog, what with numerous projects being undertaken, so apologies to my readers.

I’ve been seeing a few movies lately, including a recommendation from 7 years ago to see the movie Orgazmo – which was a crazy movie and quite funny, well a bit.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see all three of the Mad Max movies, though I preferred the last two, which felt more post-apocalyptic than the original movie.

Other movies and TV series I have watched are: Going Postal, Terra Nova (Could have been better) and classic Doctor Who (With my favourite doctor being Tom Baker and his odd scarves).

Oh, And my phone’s back from repair, though I’d much rather keep my replacement phone, as the keyboard is better and easier to use.

The game is coming along nicely as well, I can’t really disclose anything at this time though, as I would prefer the game to be in a more complete state.

– Nightwolf

Taking a break

In order to become a better person, I feel I need to take a break, to get away from my addiction – The Internet – I sometimes find myself on there and IRC for hours, doing little else, at the expense of everything else. Thus, I should take a break and concentrate on just work for the time being.

It will be a hard thing to do, being surrounded by so many things that would tempt me, even where I work – even though it isn’t an electronics store…

Anyhoo, From memory, It all started years ago, when I was first exposed, back in primary school in ’94 and continued through high school. A talented observer would have noticed my grades slipping in my final years – this was a result of the addiction, at least partially. Surprisingly, no-one noticed.

Playing video games does help, but I soon lose interest in them and move onto the net again, and so the cycle repeats.

So, yeah, a break, this will also be a break from computers, as well as any internet enabled devices, including phones and the WAFreeNet…

I often lose track of time, no matter what… I can’t seem to type it as I am thinking of it. I can’t concentrate on things because I am always thinking of the computer or something related to it. This paragraph makes no sense…

Now, I won’t be taking a break from the furry fandom, at least not willingly. I will still be attending PFG 5 and MiDFur 2011.

This will be my last post for a while.

Adios Amigos

– Nightwolf

Rantlog, Rantdate 26042011.1534

Okay, time for yet another late rantlog post, before I head to work on Wednesday and Thursday and before I go to a LAN.

Issue number 1, the Furry Fandom, Just like to clarify that as a furry story writer I’m not really into the darker side of the fandom. Thus I will not respond to requests of that nature. I also enjoy furry art, but not the darker side of that either.

I also have a bad case of Writers Block, so I’m not really able to write anything story related for a bit. I should be able to soon. I hope.

Issue number 2, My desktop PC is on its last legs and my laptop is unsuitable for a LAN of any kind. There’s also the issue of how to get them to the LAN, since i do not have a car. I may have to consider borrowing a gaming laptop, but is there anyone that does short term Laptop rentals?

Issue number 3, driving lessons are getting nowhere, nowhere at all, just can’t seem to concentrate and anything I’m shown just slips out of my head like water through a holey bucket. At this point I’m just about ready to give up. I’ve spent too much money and I’m still in the same place I was at two years ago.

Issue number 4, Work is getting me down, way down, Its similar to issue number 3. I’m hoping for something exciting to happen tomorrow, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

– Nightwolf

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