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A Dingoes thoughts, September edition

I was intending to post a blog entry last month, but personal situations prevented me from doing so. Now that I can I will do another one of my thought posts, from the inside of my head…

Video gaming

Very recently, I acquired a Playstation Vita, and a whole host of games, including Borderlands, the Persona series and the Danganronpa series… In addition to that I have managed to get my paws on The Sims 4 (If you wish to add me on EA’s awful Origin client, or on PSN: DingoWolfAU/dingowolfau is the person to add)

Please note that I will review Sims 4 momentarily in a separate blog post, once I feel up to the task of writing again (which isn’t right now)

TV and movies

Doctor Who and my 2 favourite anime’s have started up again with new series’, so I am watching them with great interest, especially to see how they progress. Loving Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, he brings a certain maturity to Doctor Who, that it has lacked for a while, well, in my opinion, since David Tennant took up the role.

I got to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema last month, and let me tell you it was amazing, funny and quite decent Sci-Fi. I liked Rocket, but that had nothing to do with being interested in Furry, Werewolves and anthros in general.

Life in general

Recently, my back problems have gotten worse to the point where I am in near-constant levels of pain (at 7/10) where they were previously only a 5 and ignorable for the most part, caused by a work injury and other factors. I am waiting for the results of an x-ray to determine, what, if anything further needs to be done.

I have decided to go on a diet and cut down on sugar, I will only drink water at lunches and at dinners (unless they’re special occasions)

– Nightwolf


A new addiction

I seem to be addicted to this Android game called ‘Ingress’ ( and have found myself unable to drag myself away from it…

For those interested in the game, see the above link. There’s supposedly an iOS version, but I haven’t tested or tried it out.

At least it gets me out and about though xD

Thoughts on Social Media blocks

Time for the latest in the series of my ‘rant’ posts.

Okay, I just want to say that blocking access to the Internet or social media sites for an entire country just makes whoever initiated the activity look really bad in the eyes of the entire global community. While I am sure it’s a good way to get people to notice the country, by doing so, it ends up penalising the people of the country.

Not to mention it limits freedom of expression, though not many countries have the right of freedom of expression/speech.

My own country, Australia, has no explicit right to freedom of speech. People think we do, but they’re mistaken.

Anyway, in conclusion, there’s no sane reason that I can think of to block social media, or other internet sites, as there’s ways around any such blocks, and people will find them, all you need is a proxy, or other means.

– Nightwolf

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Text Adventure progress

Current progress on the text adventure game that I have been working on for a few months now, after 2 complete restarts:

Area transitions: Done
Combat: not started.
Items: 75 percent complete
Transformations: 9 percent complete

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Supanova 2013 (Perth) and other things

Time for another blog post, this time about my recent trip to Supanova 2013, on Saturday 29th June.

Like any other day, it started in the Dingo’s den, from there the short trip to Claremont began. Once at Claremont I paid for my ticket ($30 from memory) and entered. The place was packed, and the first thing that I did was look for a place that was selling Doctor Who books, and/or Doctor who related merchandise, which was hard considering all the people who were around. After scoping that out, I went and bought some more anime, from the Madman stall, one of which I had been meaning to buy for a long time.

Also bought a pair of fox ears and a scarf resembling the one worn by Tom Baker during his run as the doctor.

Spotted a few friends and hung out for a bit, before returning into the crowd.

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‘Must buy’ games list 2013-2014 (Updated 30/4/2013)

Here’s my updated ‘must buy’ games list. This is in no known order of any kind.

Some of these I already have on pre order from my local EB Games. 😀

– Nightwolf

A long and winding road

Hello folks, Thanks to my readers and everyone who has stood by me and helped me get through my recent breakup. Needless to say, I’m back on wordpress now, and will continue churning out posts! It’s been a long and winding road in recent months, full of twists and turns, more than the average novel. But yeah, back and now on with the post!

But anyway, work’s been going well, I’ve been throwing myself into it so hard I’m bouncing off the walls, And I’ve found someone who better appreciates me, someone who loves me more than Lynx Softpaw ever seems to have loved me. He’s gone through similar stuff, and he’s helped me so much, among other people closer to home in the local community.

I’ve come back from a holiday to the old whaling town of Albany, in Western Australia. It’s a lovelly place, with alot of history. I want to go back, as 3 days was nowhere near enough.

I’ve been doing some video game live streaming and puppet show streaming, though nothing too great at this point, still getting the hang of the new equipment.

While games were disinteresting to me a few months back, I’ve been playing Minecraft and Star Trek Online alot lately, moreso than anything else. Really looking forward to the Romulan expansion. I’ve been trying to get into the Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn closed beta as well, but that’s proving to be less than great. Support is minimal and the code I was given DOES NOT work.

Bought myself a bunch of new clothes, and a new Nintendo 3DS XL and put 3 games on preorder: Pokemon X, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Tales of Xilia Collectors Edition 😀 (Pokemon games have always been favourites of mine, since I was but a young pup)

I was originally going to leave the furry community, which would have been the third time that I have considered doing so, but I haven’t and I won’t. There are still good people in this community, some of which I value as friends.

– Nightwolf

Thoughts on Everything, Nov 21 2011

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet., just a few lines – no full page essays… I’ll try not to do a full page…

SOOOOOOOO busy, so busy. We’ve got our spring sale on to boost sales at all our Western Australian Salvos Stores 🙂

Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim
So, on the 12th of November, I got to play my copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim after letting it download for most of the day.
It’s early days for me in the game, and I’m having fun with a Kajiit Mage/Thief roughly halfway through the main quests. I’m loving the updated engine, but I’m still finding that the animations still need some work.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
This is an idea I’m having. A thought. It could be a birthday present. I may leave it for xmas though, I’m NOT touching it otherwise, as I still have to pay for my flights to/from melb in January and MiJFur.

My Puppet Show
… I’ll try to get some more filming donefor the show, but no promises. Stay tuned to the blog for more information as it comes to hand.

My short stories
… still working on them. The prisoner is almost done with the first draft as is the other story.

My adventure game
… first few combat encounters have the basics done, but i need to work on the other parts of the combat system, or else the player gets an odd endless combat loop.

My fallout 3 and new vegas mods
… still working on them, when i get some free time, which is rather rare.

– Nightwolf

Movies and Other Things

Lately I haven’t had the time to edit my blog, what with numerous projects being undertaken, so apologies to my readers.

I’ve been seeing a few movies lately, including a recommendation from 7 years ago to see the movie Orgazmo – which was a crazy movie and quite funny, well a bit.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see all three of the Mad Max movies, though I preferred the last two, which felt more post-apocalyptic than the original movie.

Other movies and TV series I have watched are: Going Postal, Terra Nova (Could have been better) and classic Doctor Who (With my favourite doctor being Tom Baker and his odd scarves).

Oh, And my phone’s back from repair, though I’d much rather keep my replacement phone, as the keyboard is better and easier to use.

The game is coming along nicely as well, I can’t really disclose anything at this time though, as I would prefer the game to be in a more complete state.

– Nightwolf

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