Another entry for my rantlog folks, It’s been a while… And here goes:

Okay, I know I’ve said it before, but this house is falling apart. Every time something is fixed another problem arises that needs to be solved… It is really quite frustrating. As an example, I am sure I repaired the roof, yet here it is leaking, in the kitchen, splattering my electric stove with water (It’s a miracle I don’t get an electric shock)

I’ve managed to patch it up a little, so it shouldn’t leak, But the landlord is supposed to be doing this, not me, I’m not really supposed to be touching it :/

On top of all that, I have a feeling the kitchen ceiling is going to collapse again (It’s sagging) and the loungeroom ceiling isn’t much better (It has cracks all through it, you can see them whenever you look up)

This house is 45+ years old and was around when my mum was a kid, so some issues with the house are to be expected… But yeah, hehe…

– Nightwolf