Ok, So I’m back after a break… The bad news is that after the last few weeks of trying to beat this sickness, I am still not feeling the best. This cough still won’t go away, back & neck problems are still here and yeah, pretty much f**ked.

On a much lighter note, an upcoming puppet show ‘The Dingo Pawpet Show’, which I’ve been planning while sick, will commence soon. Its first episode has been somewhat planned out and is scheduled to be filmed sometime in the next few weeks.

The Dingo Pawpet Show, is a show about everything, and possibly nothing australia related. Examples of content may include: Jokes, Video game reviews, “What’s on in Capital City X”, Movie reviews, weather, etc.

The show currently has 1 character, but I plan to expand that to 4 as the need arises. It’s to be a 50/50 gender split. 3 Folkmanis puppets will be used in this production, and 1 non-folkmanis puppet.

The show will be filmed with 1x 10mp camera in 1080p and, in future a more powerful 16mp camera. A live feed, is scheduled to be streamed to my Justin.tv account, however the stream will be very low quality compared to the youtube and “downloadable” versions. The show will also be uploaded to my youtube account, though I may make a seperate youtube account for the show.

– Nightwolf