A Dingos public apology

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First of all, I hope I am allowed to say this.┬áSecond of all, sorry for my outburst the other day guys, I’m making this here so that those who want to see it, will see it.

A few days ago, I said a few things on social media that were hurtful to the community at large, and I had accused the community of harboring, or indeed being deviants of a certain nature, and as a person who is a representative of the community, I should not have said these things and should have just kept my mouth well and truly shut, as such, I accept that they were wrong of me to say, Indeed, the majority of furs are nothing like what I have personally experienced – and I am glad to know all of the ones I have met in the furry community.

I well and truly regret my actions, and I wholeheartedly apologize for what I’ve done, and going forward, I hope we can work together, toward a better fandom, because I want to make amends for everything that I have said.


Thoughts on Social Media blocks

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Time for the latest in the series of my ‘rant’ posts.

Okay, I just want to say that blocking access to the Internet or social media sites for an entire country just makes whoever initiated the activity look really bad in the eyes of the entire global community. While I am sure it’s a good way to get people to notice the country, by doing so, it ends up penalising the people of the country.

Not to mention it limits freedom of expression, though not many countries have the right of freedom of expression/speech.

My own country, Australia, has no explicit right to freedom of speech. People think we do, but they’re mistaken.

Anyway, in conclusion, there’s no sane reason that I can think of to block social media, or other internet sites, as there’s ways around any such blocks, and people will find them, all you need is a proxy, or other means.

- Nightwolf

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Text Adventure progress

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Current progress on the text adventure game that I have been working on for a few months now, after 2 complete restarts:

Area transitions: Done
Combat: not started.
Items: 75 percent complete
Transformations: 9 percent complete

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March event/game/movie roundup.

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Here’s yet another one of my purchase list blog posts, as we come to the end of march 2014… Been a fair while since I last posted anything to this blog.

Futurama: Season 1 to 7
The Simpsons: Season 17 to 24
Angel: Season 2
Buffy: Season 1 to 7

Some of these videos were difficult to locate.

Final Fantasy XIV (pc)
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (ps3)
Tales of Symphonia HD (ps3)
Final Fantasy X HD (ps3)

I still need to finish Final Fantasy XIII… I seem to buy more games than I actually finish :/ I get bored very easy these days and have no idea why.

In other news, work gas picked up again, and I have been in this job now for just about 5 years. Would like a change, but there aren’t any suitable jobs to switch to in my area, and I can’t drive due to my back problems.

I’ll be helping out with more furry events this year in an attempt to get back into the community after being a tad reclusive.


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Minecraft server revamp

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Going to relaunch my old minecraft server, will be, sadly, smaller than its original incarnation.

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A word of warning

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A word of warning:
Since my work hours have changed, I will be unavailable for contact between 6 am and approx. 7 pm WAST (GMT +8:00) monday to Saturday, some days may be changed. After approx. 8 pm WAST (GMT +8:00), I will be asleep. So there will only be a small window of opportunity to chat with me.

This will take effect from TONIGHT
and run for approx. 8 weeks.

Another thing, I am out of credit and cannot reply to any text messages (and can’t recharge till Wednesday)

Random Thoughts

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Time for one of my random thought and/or rant posts…

Been thinking about this on and off for a fair while, but for whatever reason, I have difficulty connecting with people, and trusting people… And for that, I blame my rather difficult childhood, and would explain some things, about why I get so clingy at times, like when I am stoned, or after sex…

I try not to let it hold me back though (the old me would not have got a job in customer service, for a start) I do try to go to social gatherings and talk to people – though I failed at the christmas 2013 furmeet…

It doesn’t help though, when my facebook account gets hacked by people who should know better, or the three breakups in a single year, or people who can’t tell me things to my face… But I digress…

Anyway, I’ll be fine, I’m going back into some old hobbies (Anime, drawing) and picking up some new ones (like Amateur radio) Gonna try to keep this blog a bit more up to date xP


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