Struggling on

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I’m continuing to struggle on with work, but it’s starting to quiet down now, and the new manager starts next week which means I can feel at least some relief…

On the bright side, Doctor Who starts airing again from next month, so really looking forward to that, as well as some anime that I have been waiting for for a long time.

- Nightwolf

A few things…

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I don’t normally post this much content on my blog in a week, but this dingo has a thing or two to say, and indeed he will say them, time for the next in the current series of ‘Thoughts and Rants’ posts.

I’ve decided, after much deliberation, that I am definitely going to purchase a Playstation Vita, now that there’s at least 5 games I want (1 of which I already have in the PS Store, the others are cheap) and I can get it for as little as $188 (preowned)

The other 4 games I can get fairly cheaply. I should also consider the purchase of a memory card. BUT FIRST, I need to pay a few bills.

In other news, I am currently saving money for conventions and a new fursuit.

Also, I am currently having a recurrence of back problems and may have to cut back hours at work to something more manageable. It means that I will have less money, but I have to do something

- Nightwolf

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New expeditions in cooking.

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So lately, I have been getting back into cooking for the family, after not cooking for a fair amount of time, due to work commitments.

I don’t have any pictures of my cooking, as I never seem to be able to find my camera, but I made a fairly good Chicken Parmigiana, almost from scratch, as well as a Pizza. While they weren’t perfect by any definition, there’s definite room for improvement, and as they say: Practice makes perfect :)

On reflection, I will admit that I forgot the ham for the chicken parma, but it was just as good without it, and I ended up using the ham I forgot to use in the Parma, in the pizza, which was mainly ham and pineapple.
The pizza also had Onion, capsicum and marinated mushies. :)

Next thing I want to attempt though, is a Pasta Bake :3 It’s something that I haven’t had in a very long time.

(All these foods are high in fat, I know)

Also, brocolli covered in cheese…

- Nightwolf

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Writing Randomness

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I might start getting back into fan fiction, I really want to write a story based in the universe of “Sunset of Furmankind”, by Ted R. Blasingame.

The thing is, I want to ease myself into writing again, so something short and sweet, in an established universe seems like the order of the day. I am so tired of this writers block, I’ve already taken a year off from writing >.<

I should probably ask (the author) so there are no complications legally, last thing I want is any more legal bills.

- Nightwolf

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Random Rant

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Looks like it has been a while since ai last posted, but i thought I would get this off my chest…

Ugh, can’t wait till this week is over
tired of working all day every day, bar sunday
Tired of coming home exhausted…. But on the plus side I have been getting more sleep… Would like to go out though, working all week tends to make me too tired and/or irritable.

It’s probably ironic, that not too long ago, I was complaining about a lack of shifts…

- Nightwolf

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Text Adventure progress 2

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I’ve ported my Text Adventure game over to the Inform Interactive Fiction platform, not much else to report. This was done as I find it much easier than re-learning C++ and Csharp.

The game will feature animal transformations, But dingo is the only one I am working on at this stage, as I need to rewrite the TF engine.

I can code items and npcs much easier in this engine, but I am not revealing too much more at this point in time.

A new addiction

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I seem to be addicted to this Android game called ‘Ingress’ ( and have found myself unable to drag myself away from it…

For those interested in the game, see the above link. There’s supposedly an iOS version, but I haven’t tested or tried it out.

At least it gets me out and about though xD

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